1. Recording “A Call to Cynicism”

    So this is a late blog post but something I should have a done around July, it’s about the new singles, technically part two.  My previous recordings (home recordings) were done in audacity (yep audacity) so when Aaron said that his going to use some professional audio recording stuff I was pumped. And the recording process was  excellent! Hats off to Aaron cause he just knew exactly what I wanted to sound like, and ultimately made my songs sound even better (Plus both of us are night owls, so most recordings went beyond 3am!!) He just made this little things, tweaks, and added more to the song at the end. 

    So lets talk about “A Call to Cynicism”. This is a song about giving an open invitation to cynical people that go around saying bullshit  (Wow just summed up my song in one word!! J ). It’s song based on my personals experience dealing with some cynics (who hasn’t right?). I went in to the recordings planning on doing a guitar solo in the middle, but what happened was totally unexpected. I was improvising a solo while Aaron started to play the song, what I didn’t know was that he was recording what I was playing, and Wola!! That how the song got a solo at beginning, totally improvised!! (I think most guitar solos sound better when they are improvised!!). and that’s what I did for the main solo, improvised it right there, played what I felt (4am in the morning) and I just tripped out!!


    So when it came for the vocals, I was a bit nervous. That’s the part I hate cause it never sounds right to me, but surprisingly it came way better than I expected. I went into vocal booth pretty pissed and I just let out. When it came to last part of the song I sing “As a Martyr” at the end. So when track stared playing I just ended up screaming “As a Martyr” and it felt pretty darn good. 1. Cause I’m not a screamer and 2. Just feels good to scream at the end!! .

    So the end product was beautiful, Aaron added little bit of a surprise to the song at the end (The extended version of the song will be available in the upcoming EP!!). Just want to thank Aaron again cause this wouldn’t have been possible without him, plus he also played the drums!! (first time Scars is having some good drums!!). This was my first recording in 3 years, and it sounds way different than what I’ve done before. It’s more raw, more aggressive, scarred by me, and I prefer no other way!!




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  4. Listen to a raw outburst of Angry, In your face rock and roll!!


  5. Progress is not an Illusion…

    Summer 2012 is finally here and I’m excited, cause after months, probably years of set backs I’m finally getting to record the songs that I crafted for awhile. Lets say all of them have been stored in a vault, in my head where they have been running for years, and I was the only one hearing them.

    This is not the first time I have been experiencing these similar set backs. Years ago I was struggling to form a band in Colombo, Sri Lanka and it never took off, I was the under dog, no body wanted to join my band, no one thought I could front a band, be a guitarist let alone a vocalist…but I proved everyone wrong, I not only formed the band but fronted it and showed all doubters what I’m made of. And years later the actions of those former band members led to the creation of something very special and dear to me …”Scars of Karma”.

    Scars have been active close to four years (yes I did change the name in the middle) and did manage to release few singles, but none of those audio recordings were able to capture the sound I wanted. But I’m happy to say that all that is about to change thanks to Aaron and Dusty whom I have been working for the past few weeks. My guitar sounds f***ing amazing, i don’t like to brag,but It had the grungy heavy tone I was looking for. The new songs are going to sound f***ing heavy and raw! It’s once again time to prove the f***ing doubter what I’m made of!!




    Sri Lanka!!


  7. "Beautiful is broken…show me your scars"
    — Scars of Karma
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